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Hello. My name is Emma and I'm a practicing solitary Wiccan. I created this blog to share my testimonies, spells, and knowledge; as well as learn from others. Feel free to befriend me or ask any questions. We can swap spells and stories. Nothing is off limits. I'm a very open book. So, enjoy :)

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I feel like Rune Magic doesn’t get enough credit or recognition in the modern Pagan world and it really should. Runes are so easy to use, are great for beginners and experts alike. I’ve scanned a few Runes in here with their power and how to apply that power. Keep in mind you can use Runes in any way you feel comfortable. Sometimes, I just draw a Rune on my hand, that way I’m reminded of my spell or wish nearly every moment. Runes are the perfect visualization tool. Put them to good use!

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